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Fluorite lump/ Fluorite powder

2016-2-29 10:57:09



1)It is colorless hexagonal, odorless and tasteless crysteless crystal with relative density is 2.679.

2)It is hygroscopic. It is soluble in ether, insoluble in alcohol. The solubility in acid is greater than in water.

3)It decomposes in alkaline solution and produces sodium fluoride And silicon dioxide(SiO2).

4)It is decomposed to sodium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride by heating to300. It is toxic.


There are two principal types of industrial use for natural fluorite,corresponding to different grades of purity:

1)Metallurgical grade fluorite: called metspar which contains less than 97%(typically 85% or more) CaF2. This is used for flux in steel production and in the

manufacturing of ceramics, opalescent glass,enamels and cooking utensils.

2)Acid grade fluorite: called acidspar which contains 97% or more CaF2. This is used to make hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid; manufacture

of fluorochemicals,which includes fluorocarbons,fluropolymers and fluoroelastomers;manufacture of A1F3 and synthetic cryolite used in aluminium smelting.

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