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1. Description:

The material comes from volcanic lava. It is a kind of amorphous, glassiness volcano that contains crystalline water inside.

For expanded perlite has low density and low heat conductivity characters, it is widely used in construction and manufacturing fields,lightweight plasters and mortars, insulation, ceiling tiles and filter aids.

2. Perlite specification:

ItemSpecification Item Specification
SiO268-74 ph 6.5-7.5
Al2O3 12-16 Specific gravity 2.2-2.4g/cc
Fe2O3 0.1-2 Bulk density 80-120kgs/m3
CaO 0.15-1.5 Softening point 871-1093°C
Na2O 4-5 Fusion point 1280-1350°C
K2O 1-4 Specific heat 387J/kg.K
MgO 0.3 Liquid solubility <1%
Loss in burning 4-8 Acid solubility <2%
Color White

Refractive index 1.5

Free moisture content 0.5%max

3. Perlite size:

Perlite Sand, Unexpanded Perlite: 12-16mesh, 14-20mesh, 16-32mesh, 20-40mesh, 30mesh-50mesh, 50-150mesh, 200-325mesh

Perlite filter aid :30-50mesh, 50-70mesh, 70-90mesh, 90-120mesh, 120-200mesh  325mesh

Expanded Perlite: 60mesh, 100mesh, 120mesh, 150mesh, 0.1-1mm, 0.5-1.5mm1-2mm, 2-4mm3-6mm 4-8mm

Horticultural Perlite:1-2mm, 2-4mm, 1-4mm ,3-5mm.4-8mm

Special size is supplied as per customers' demands

4. Perlite usages:

Building Industry:Produce light, thermal insulation and acoustic board; Be ideal materials of various industrial equipment and pipe insulating layer;
Fillter Aid and FillerBe filtering agent,when making wine,drinking, syrup,vinegar etc; Purify various liquid and water,coming up to innoxious to human and animal;Be filler of plastic,rubber, , enamel etc;
Agriculture and HorticultureReform soil and adjust soil hardened;Prevent plants from falling down and control fertilizer efficiency and fertility;Be diluent  and carrier of biocide and herbicide.
Mechanism, Metallurgy, Hydropower andLight Industry Be ingredients of heat insulation glass, mineral wool and porcelain products etc.
Other AspectBe packing materials of exquisite products and pollution products; Be abradant material of gem,colourful stone,glass products; Be density regulator of explosive, treating-agent of sewage.

5. Features:

Through being expanded, perlite is light ,multi-functional ,new materials.
It has light apparent density,low thermal conductivity, fine chemical stability and wide use temperature range.
It is non-toxic, flavorless,fireproof, acoustic etc.
It is widely used in many industries.

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